Dental Phobia

While visits to the dentist are typically not painful, the majority of people do not look forward to their dental checkup. Even so, many are able to push through their anxiety in order to maintain good oral health. Yet, those with intense fear, or dental phobia, may attempt to avoid the dentist altogether. Whether it’s anxiousness about being examined or fear concerning a specific instrument or activity, those with dental phobia experience extreme anxiety and panic.

There are a few generalizations regarding those that suffer from dental phobia. Because they avoid the dentist, many of these individuals have poor oral health. They may also experience early tooth loss. On the other hand, they may suffer emotionally due to their poor dental health. For instance, if teeth are discolored, damaged, or missing, this can be embarrassing. As a result, they may smile less or cover their mouth when they laugh.

Aside from poor oral health, those with dental phobia may develop declining health overall. To better understand, research continues to support the connection between oral and overall health. Poor oral health, resulting in inflammation and infection, is related to heart disease, diabetes, and lung infections.

Painless Dentistry

Dental professionals understand the staggering number of individuals that suffer from dental phobia. However, the shift to painless dentistry has made it possible for many individuals to receive top quality dental care comfortably, boosting their oral and overall health.

Most dental offices have an array of special amenities aimed at relaxing patients, from beverages and comfortable pillows to spa therapy and even massage. In addition, advancements in digital dentistry have provided a way for dentists to perform routine examinations and treatments efficiently, in a less invasive way, while communicating with the patient. Even so, sedation dentistry provides the ultimate painless dental experience with several options to suit patients.

Your Comfort Is Important To Us

At Seneca Family Dentistry, your comfort is important to us. That’s why we bring a unique brand of care, spending extra time getting to know you and establishing trust. It’s our primary objective for you and your family to have a positive and rewarding dental experience.

With a complete beverage bar, relaxing music, and warm blankets and pillows, you’ll feel at ease in our soothing and modern Wichita practice. To speak to someone regarding your specific dental phobia, call Seneca Family Dentistry today. We are confident in our ability to provide you with the type of dentistry that you need and deserve.

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