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Cleanings & Checkups

Preventative dental care is something we deeply value at Seneca Family Dentistry. By protecting your oral health with routine checkups and cleanings, you can maintain a smile that is beautiful, confident and free of disease or decay. For most patients, optimal dental health includes a professional cleaning and exam every six months. This ensures that stubborn stains, hardened plaque and other dental concerns are detected and treated at their earliest stage. By offering top quality cleanings and checkups, we can help patients avoid more costly and disruptive problems in the future. Your overall health may also be at risk if you neglect your routine dental care. Oral health conditions such as periodontal disease can lead to serious health problems if not treated in a timely manner.

At Seneca Family Dentistry, we create a comfortable and positive experience for each member of your family. When you visit us for a cleaning or checkup, you’ll get to enjoy our menu of relaxing patient amenities as well as take advantage of our advanced dental technology. Our skilled dental team is equipped to treat children, teens, adults, and patients with special needs.

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