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Cracked Tooth Repair

While your teeth are composed of the strongest substance in the human body, they are not invincible. Teeth can develop small cracks that can compromise your smile comfort as well as your smile health. Without general dental care, even a tiny hairline crack can allow bacteria to invade your tooth surface and put you at risk for serious decay or infection. Cracked teeth may cause sensitivity, throbbing or a dull ache. However, cracked teeth do not always produce symptoms. In all cases, a cracked tooth needs to be repaired before it grows and leads to worsening problems. For top quality cracked tooth repair, turn to Seneca Family Dentistry. Our office offers a variety of restorative services that can effectively restore the health and integrity of your tooth. We treat patients of all ages in a warm, inviting environment that is tailored to your comfort at every step.

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