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Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are used to restore teeth that have been compromised due to decay, infection or trauma. In many cases with general dentistry, a crown can be used as a means to save a tooth that would otherwise need to be extracted. At Seneca Family Dentistry, we are committed to delivering high quality dental crowns that are durable and natural-looking. In doing so, we can help you attain a beautiful and long-lasting smile even after a tooth was damaged.

Dental crowns can be fabricated from a variety of materials. At our Wichita office, we use the most proven materials to restore your teeth. Our custom crowns are made from beautiful porcelain, which means they can effectively protect your teeth while providing optimal aesthetics. Your dental crown will be customized in shape, size and color so that it blends naturally with your existing teeth.

Restore Cracked or Damaged Teeth

When a tooth suffers damage beyond what dental bonding can repair, a crown may be considered. A dental crown serves as a cap that encases all visible portions of your tooth down to the gum line. Whether your tooth was cracked during a mouth injury or it was damaged from decay or disease, you can trust Dr. Tanaka to repair it with excellence. Our dental procedures are carried out with a focus on patient comfort. We utilize the most advanced dental technology available and our office is stocked with a variety of relaxing amenities to keep you at ease.

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