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Halitosis Treatment

Do you battle bad breath on a daily basis? We can help you with general dental treatments. Seneca Family Dentistry offers long-lasting relief for patients who suffer from halitosis. We understand how embarrassing and disruptive halitosis can be, as it can impact your career, your relationships and your self-confidence. Chronic halitosis is more than just bad breath after eating a garlic-rich meal. It is a condition that can indicate a more serious oral health problem. Your bad breath may be a warning sign of poor dental hygiene, dry mouth, gum disease or an underlying medical condition. Regardless of what is causing your halitosis, you can trust Seneca Family Dentistry to implement an effective treatment plan to restore your smile confidence.

Treatment for Bad Breath

Millions of Americans suffer from chronic bad breath. However, it is a problem that can be treated by your dentist. At Seneca Family Dentistry, we get to the root cause of your halitosis so that you can get the most long-term relief. Your bad breath treatment could be as simple as putting more effort into your oral hygiene routine, which includes better flossing and tongue brushing. When bacteria and food debris are not properly removed after eating, they can produce foul-smelling sulfur compounds within your mouth. This is a leading cause of bad breath.

Your specific halitosis treatment will be determined by us,  as we evaluate your oral health and discuss any lifestyle habits and overall health conditions that may be contributing to your bad breath. Your treatment may include a special mouthwash to relieve dry mouth, gum disease therapy or a deep cleaning to eradicate odor-causing bacteria.

If you are constantly masking your bad breath with mints or gum but want more effective, long-term relief, please contact us today to schedule an appointment at Seneca Family Dentistry. Our halitosis treatments are designed to restore your smile confidence so that you can enjoy an improved quality of life.

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