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Root Canals

For many people, root canals are perceived as a dreaded or painful dental procedure. This is an unfortunate misconception. Root canal therapy is actually a proven general dentistry treatment that can bring you out of pain and save your tooth from extraction. Patients who need a root canal typically have a tooth that has extensive damage or infection that has penetrated the tooth center or tooth pulp. This pulp is made up of sensitive tooth nerves that can produce excruciating pain if they become irritated. However, a root canal can restore the comfort, integrity and health of your tooth in one straightforward procedure.

Do you think that a tooth extraction would be an easier or more affordable way to handle your damaged tooth? Preserving your natural tooth is always best. Removing a tooth may eliminate your pain, but it will need to be replaced to prevent further complications. Missing teeth cause adjacent teeth to shift out of position and eventual bone loss may also result. Dental implants are a far more complicated and costly procedure than a root canal.

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